R & G

Landscaping &
Grounds Maintenance

Industrial & Commercial Sites

R & G have contracts at industrial and commercial premises on industrial estates throughout the Region.

Specialist Services to Schools

R & G serve numerous schools and colleges and on independent contracts - providing a comprehensive service tailored specifically to the needs of each of the sites.
Sites are located throughout the Region

All sites are covered by digital maps giving the managers involved an up to date record of their site and a useful means of communication .

About Us

Parish Councils

R & G work for Parish Councils and Sports Clubs maintaining playing fields, cemeteries and highway verges.

R & G is based just north of Northampton and was established almost twenty years. The origins of the Business go back to when the local authority privatised its direct labour organisation in the late 1980s. Staff transferred to R & G and brought with them years of experience and training in the maintenance of schools and colleges.

Over the years these skills have been applied to more efficient methods of working using the most modern equipment. The result is a business able to provide a wide range of grounds maintenance services at the most competitive rates to a variety of clients.

These contracts are an example of the service available:

Local Authority Establishments

R & G currently hold the grounds contract for Northamptonshire Police as well as other local authority establishments.

Residential Premises & Housing Associations

R & G maintain various establishments on behalf of residents associations, estate agents and housing associations as well as individual hotels and domestic premises.

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