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A Special Service for Schools & Colleges.

Schools have a different environment than most other sites and there is a need for special arrangements in many aspects of the service. R & G was born in this environment with its staff and workforce having worked previously for the LEA. It has therefore tailored its service to take account of schools hours, the curriculum and most importantly the safety of staff, students and children.

R & G is also aware that schools and colleges now run their own establishments and may appreciate help in the planning and organisation of maintenance schedules.
Digital Mapping was introduced with schools in mind because it is an excellent tool in the management and design of maintenance schedules which need to be matched to budgets.

R & Gs rates are arguably the most competitive in the Region. With many schools now signed up on independent contracts R & G has sufficient economy of scale to operate modern equipment on the most efficient schedules.

R & G will plan your maintenance for you and present you with a Digital Map and Schedule of Costs per item of work. It will then liaise with the person responsible for your site to agree the items and the frequencies which will in effect determine the standard you require.

When contracts are in operation R & Gs extensive range of resources and equipment is at the disposal of the school or college. They can communicate by Email, Fax or Text and call for any additional services at any time. Free advice will always be available.

Our teams are covered by all the necessary liability insurances for schools sites.
Operators have been Enhanced CRB checked and have appropriate certificates for hazardous operations.
A comprehensive Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment is in place.

A Digital Map is prepared free of charge for any school showing a serious interest in our service.

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