Sports Field Maintenance

Improves the appearance and durability of turf. Fertilisers put nutrients back in the grass.

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Removes broadleaf weeds and allows turf to flourish

Relieves compaction and provides holes to let in air and moisture. Holes can later be filled with sand or loam, if necessary, to change the soil structure.

Allows oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Improves the playing surface for certain sports

Spring & Autumn maintenance of cricket squares.

Football pitches and summer athletics tracks. Special events

Installation of sockets and supply of new posts.

Reinstate goal areas. Over-seeding of pitches.

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Landscaping &
Grounds Maintenance

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Mowing can be scheduled twice weekly, weekly, every 10 days, or fortnightly.

Cricket Squares

Gang Mowing


Weed Spraying



Sports Marking


Field Repairs

Sports fields are a valuable asset to a school or community. To protect them and get the best out of them they require regular maintenance and specialist attention.

Rotary Mowing